This is a sweet, sour kind of salad. No oil or cream, instead it is very light and refreshing.

Besides mangos there are cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, my ’20-minute Sweet Pickled Onions’ and ceviche -seafood that is ‘cooked’ in citrus juice. I like this recipe because you do not need to make a salad dressing.  One less cooking step, one bowl less to wash and a recipe that is friendly on your and my waist lines!

This recipe calls for sashimi grade seafood, as in seafood that is good enough to eat raw. If you do not have access to that, you could substitute with avocados, toasted walnuts and/or cheese (choose something that is not too strongly flavoured though). You would no longer have a ceviche but it would still be good. Take a look at the last image on the bottom of this post.

Making a cerviche requires ‘cooking’ the seafood with lemon or lime. When I see Meyer or Yuzu lemons on the supermarket shelves, those are what I would grab. These lemons surpasses regular lemons in taste. Are lemons not just lemons? Just like there are different varieties of oranges out there, the same goes with lemons. The two obvious ones that stand out for me are the two I mentioned. I like the Meyer lemon because it is sweeter and less acidic. Yuzu lemon has a heady perfume but not much juice. If you choose to use the Yuzu lemon, buy one Yuzu for its zest and whatever juice it has and buy a regular lemon to make up for the lack of Yuzu juice.

The other ingredient that makes the salad special is the ’20 minutes pickled onions’. Do not omit this. If you have truffle oil in your pantry, drizzle about half a teaspoon just over the ceviche.

Mango Salad With Salmon And Scallops Ceviche

Prep: 20 minutes 
Inactive: 15 – 20 minutes in refrigerator
Level: Easy
Makes: 4, 1 cup size servings. Refer to the feature image above.
Oven Temperature:
Can recipe be doubled? Yes.
Make ahead? No


Ceviche ingredients
7oz (200g)) sashimi grade seafood*
1/2 Tablespoon lemon/lime zest from 1 lemon/lime**
3 Tablespoons lemon/lime juice***
1/2 teaspoon salt
Sprinkling of pepper
Salad ingredients
3.5 0z (100g)(~1 cup) cucumber thinly sliced*
1/4 teaspoon salt
3.5 0z (100g)(~1 cup) cherry tomatoes halved
6.7 oz(190g)(~1 cup) mangos cut into 1/2″ (1.5cm) cubes
2 teaspoons truffle oil (optional)
2 Tablespoons Ikura-Japanese soy sauce flavoured salmon caviar OR any other kind of caviar for topping (optional)
20-minute Sweet Pickled Onions**
~1/3 cup of thinly sliced purple onions
~2 Tablespoons lemon juice
~2 Tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
*  Fish good enough to eat raw. Choose one or a combination of salmon, scallops, tuna, white fish.
**  To z
est just the top thin layer of the lemon/lime, you do not want the bitter inner white pith. Zest directly over your chosen crockery. Read more under ‘Method’.
*** I like Meyer or Yuzu lemons.
* Choose seedless cucumbers, if not remove seeds. If outer peel is tough, remove it. I use cucumbers labelled ‘Japanese or Kyuri Cucumbers’. They are ~ 1″ (2.5 cm) in diameter.  Skins and seeds are underdeveloped so can be eaten and are ideal for salads.
** These pickled onions have many uses. Please scroll down to ‘Tips’ for suggestions.


20-minutes Sweet Pickled Onions
1. Combine all ingredients for the pickled onions. Set aside for 20 minutes or up to 1 day ahead refrigerated. The aim is to get the onions sweet and to lose some of its sharpness. So taste the pickling onions and decide if you need to adjust seasonings or pickle them longer. It depends in part on the type of onion and lemon you use.
2. The longer the onions sit in the pickling liquid, the more liquid would be drawn out.
3. Before using the pickled onions, taste and adjust seasoning. More salt or sugar perhaps?

Preparing the ceviche
1. Slice fish into 3/4″ x 1/4″x 1/4″ (2cm x 0.5cm x 0.5cm) slices.
2. Slice scallops horizontally into three slices. Take a look at image below.
3. Choose a non reactive plate (glass, ceramic) that would be large enough to hold the cut seafood in a single layer.
4. Zest lemon/lime (only half the amount) directly over the surface of the empty plate. Sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon salt and a light dusting of pepper over the plate.

5. Arrange sliced seafood on plate.
6. Zest remaining half of lemon/lime over the seafood and sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon salt and some pepper.
7. Drizzle the 3 Tablespoons of lemon/lime juice. Turn the seafood over to ensure they are coated with the lemon/lime juice.
8. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate between 15 to 20 minutes.

Preparing the other ingredients
1. This is how you would slice up the vegetables and mangoes.

2. 5 minutes before ceviche is ready. Toss the sliced cucumbers with 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Sit for 5 minutes. Do not let it sit too long or it would start to weep and go limp. If this happens, drain off the liquid.

To serve
1. Once your seafood has completed its 15-20 minutes, grab a large bowl for mixing.
2. Tip all your ingredients, including liquid from the seafood and pickling juices. Toss lightly.
3. To serve, scoop out salad leaving behind the marinade and pickling juices.
4. Divide into four plates and serve immediately.
5. If using truffle oil, drizzle it over the ceviche.
6. If using caviar, sprinkle 1/2 a Tablespoon over each plate.
7. Serve immediately.


(1) Do not try replacing lemon/lime juice with vinegar. The entire salad will taste too acidic and quite bad.  I know as I have used vinegar to pickle the onions. I was too lazy to do a supermarket run. Awful.1 regular lemon should give you 2 to 3 Tablespoons of juice.
(2) Cure the seafood any longer than 20 minutes and the seafood will lose the taste and texture you are after. It will continue to cure and become more opaque, start to look chalky, taste chalky and might fall apart. You are looking for semi opaque so stick to up to 20 minutes of ‘cooking’ time.
(3) As a guide, take a look at the image of my plated salad.
(4) All the ingredients should be cold before you put the salad together. My uncut vegetables and mango will be in the refrigerator, nicely chilled. Remember to keep the onions pickling in the refrigerator as well.
(5) As an alternative to those who do not care for seafood, I had also made a Mango Salad where I replaced the seafood with 3 ingredients:
–1.7 oz (50g)(~1/2 cup) toasted walnuts
–4 x 1/8 of a circle of the round shaped Camembert, a soft creamy, white rind cheese
–1 Tablespoon of parsley.
Wedge each triangle of Camembert into each serving of salad instead of tossing it in with the rest of the ingredients as the cheese melts and loses its shape rapidly. Choose a cheese that is not too strong. You could easily replace the Camembert with avocados.