Whoever came up with the name, they could not have come up with anything more apt to describe this ridiculously good ice cold chocolate drink. It’s neither too milky or sweet. Don’t even consider skipping the crowning glory of whipped cream and the final sprinkle of powdered Milo or it wont’ be the Ultimate Milo Dinosaur. Milo, has it’s origins in Australia and is manufactured by Nestle. It is a mixture of chocolate and malt powders and enriched with vitamins and minerals. It is marketed as a nourishing drink and is touted to be good for my body which is great as I can drink copious amounts of it and not put on an inch on my belly. Ha! Perhaps, in my dreams.

Where I live, this drink is available at almost every drink vendor. It is without doubt a well loved drink. I spent some time spying at drink vendors as they stirred up this concoction.  I was determined to find out what made it so tasty. Curiosity and greed, more greed actually is a great motivator for me. I am rather well known for these Ultimate Milo Dinosaurs and I do ‘take aways’ too.

The Ultimate Milo Dinosaur – The Best Icy Chocolate Drink

Prep: 5 minutes 
Level: Easy
Serves: 1
Oven Temperature:
Can recipe be doubled? Yes.
Make ahead? It won’t taste the same!


6 Tablespoons powdered Milo*
1/4 cup hot water
2 teaspoons evaporated milk**
1 teaspoon condensed milk**
1/2 cup cold water
1/3 cup ice cubes
Aerosol whipped cream***
1 teaspoon or more powdered Milo
* Powdered Milo is sold in tins and in tetra paks. If it is not available in your supermarkets, it should be easily available at Asian grocery stores.  Refer to image below.
** Scroll down to ‘Tips’ to find out how you could use up the excess evaporated and condensed milk
*** To top the drink, and to be authentic, the piped cream has to be from an aerosol can. You can choose to whip your own whipping cream (use whipping cream for its lightness) but it won’t be the same.


1. You will need a tall glass with a capacity of 1 and 3/4 cups. This recipe makes a 1 and 1/2 cup of Milo Dinosaur. The head space of ~1/4 cup is to be filled with whipped cream.
2. Add the powdered Milo into the glass and pour in 1/4 of hot water. Stir to dissolve. Just so you know, powdered Milo dissolves better in hot than boiling water.
3. Stir in 2 teaspoons evaporated and 1 teaspoon condensed milk and mix well.
4. Then, stir in 1/2 cup cold water.
5. Fill up with1/3 cup ice cubes and give it a stir.
6. Top with the whipped cream and dust with powdered Milo.
7. Insert a straw, a long handled spoon and slurp away.


What to do with all that evaporated milk?

(1) Dim Sum Mango Pudding
It definitely uses quite a bit of evaporated milk and it’s by far my favourite way to turn mangoes into a very mango tasting dessert.

(2) Macaroni And Cheese 
This is a quick and easy recipe and it is the evaporated milk makes the sauce silky smooth.

What to with the excess condensed milk?

(1) Chai Tea or Masala Tea
This milky tea is rather nice as an afternoon beverage. It has the flavour of freshly cracked cardamon pods and a hint of cloves.

(2) Lime Caramel Flan
Scroll down to ‘What’s Coming Up Next?’ for a look at the scrumptious flan.


This is not just a flan. It is one infused with lemongrass, limes and the leaves of the limes which is perfect paired with the richness of a flan.