I like to sit down to a table covered with plate after plate of food served meze style. I was very much a happy camper in Greece. What a vacation. The spread of Greek meze was a feast for my eyes, a delight to my taste buds and total disaster to my waistline.  My next series of recipe posts, could not be on anything else but a spread of Greek meze inspired by meals in Santorini, Mykonos and Athens.

I brought home a luggage filled with Greek produce which I intend to cook with and eat through. In fact, I kicked it off with a meze-only party over the weekend. If only I had remembered to bring back a bottle of ouzo otherwise my table of Greek inspired meze would be quite complete! For a view of all the meze above and links to the recipes, scroll down to the end.

My family acknowledges that none of them can beat my skill at luggage packing. If I want it bad enough and if it is legal to bring it up the plane and home, I can pack it in.


These, a few bottles of Greek wine, a wine carafe and glasses came home with me.


I have carted home, fine glassware – thin hand blown carafes, cruets, jugs, glasses, cups, saucers, etcetera.  It all comes home with me intact. Nothing has ever broken. Bottles of oils, vinegars, preserves, wine, etcetera? No problem. Cheeses brought home over long haul flights? Do that too. Cooked food? Fine for short haul flight. If you are as fanatical about food, cookware, glassware, kitchenware as I am, good and creative packing is a necessary skill. Perhaps, I should do a separate post, ‘Travel packing – making sure your china and food reaches you in the same condition as when you pack them’. I agree, I definitely need to work on a savvier title.

I have a great recommendation for a hole in the wall Greek diner in Athens. Only lunch is served. It is totally delicious, authentic, home cooked and not touristy plus there is a very good coffee place close by! Click here, Tzatziki And Shopping And Eating At Athens Central Market.

Don’t be fooled. Once this place is open for lunch, tables are quickly filled and the food is soon sold out.


Seriously good coffee. I was there twice a day.



Greek inspired, Harissa-style Hot Chilli Sauce To Go With Olives.


Here is the spread of the rest of the Greek Meze.


First row. Left to right:
Slow Cooked Octopus In A Sherry Vinegar Garlic Marinade,
Moussaka – Baked Casserole Of Eggplants, Tomatoey Meat Topped With A Creamy White Sauce,

Santorini Fava A Delicious Yellow Split Peas Dip,
Grilled & Marinated Peppers With Fig Balsamic Cream
Second row. Left to right: 
Greek Inspired Harissa-Style Hot Chilli Sauce To Go With Olives,

5 Minutes Grilled Cheese Meze,
Santorini Tomatoey Tomato Balls/Fritters
Third row. Left to right:
Crispy Whitebait And Sweet Onions Disk,
Pork Souvlaki Kebabs Skewers,
Tzatziki A Cucumber Yogurt Dip,
Oh So Soft Pita Bread

Last October, I had a similar feature on meze. Those meze were inspired by the regional cuisines of North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, that post is filed under, Meze, A Selection Of Wonderful Little Bites. The recipes for my meze are often easy and can be made ahead. Great if you are planning to feed many people at your next dinner.