It’s time to take a break from writing and start preparing year-end festive dinners, lunch, tea and cocktails for the expected larger number of family and friends who will be coming through my doors before the year is over.Lots of preparation and work involved but I have things pretty much organised.

My Christmas tree is all dressed up and as you can see, the dog approves. The rest of the house still needs some kind of adornment but the mango tree has been attended to and it has been strung up with meteor shower rain lights. It is so pretty. They look like shooting stars. I completed my gift purchasing and wrapping in record time… 3 days. Yet, I believe I have done a better job this year with matching the gift to the person.

I hope you have a slew of wonderful meals to look forward to and wouldn’t it be even more wonderful if most of them were home cooked food prepared by someone else!  Happy Holidays and stay safe.

Try out some holiday recipes:

Braided Stollen With Three Logs Of Marzipan

Cheese Board And Antipasto Platter

Chinese Candied Sesame Walnuts

My refreshing non alcoholic drinks

I am always impressed when I step into someone’s home and find that the host/hostess went through the effort of preparing a special cocktail or a drink for teetotallers as a special beverage catered to non alcohol drinkers is often overlooked. Here are 3 of my recipes:

1. Osmanthus & Apricot Drink With Konjac Jelly (konnyaku)
2. Zingy Mint, Lime & Lemongrass Infused Cooler
3. Frozen Red Raspberry Fizzy (my favourite)
4. Iced Lemon Tea With Oomph!

My Christmas cookie suggestions

Gingerbread Cookies Made With Gula Melaka

Checkerboard Cookies are always hugely popular

Easier to bake would be my Buttery Butter Cookies

or my dark chocolate tasting crisp Chocolatey Chocolate Cookies

and for a cookie that would surprise your guests, try my Crisp Lemon Cookies, it would make anyone’s lips pucker.