My posts have been successfully transferred from Blogger to WordPress (hooray!) but I do need to finish tidying up all my previous posts. It’s a lot of work. Margins and fonts have gone crazy with the transfer. Pull-down tabs need to be reconfigured. This ‘tidying up’ is going to be a work in progress. So whilst I will aim to post a recipe weekly, it might take a little longer coming.

Do excuse the bits of mess, like the recipe for ‘Slow Cooked Octopus’ filed currently under Pull-down Tab,  ‘Sides: Vegetables’ or ‘Crisp Cheese Straws’ under ‘Sides: Dairy, Nuts & Grains’. I will get it sorted out in due time.


I was thrilled that my recipe for ‘Tiramisu With Eggs But Without the Raw Eggs‘ was featured by the Italian baker/confectioner Pan Ducale on their Facebook page, 20 July 2016. Here’s the link to their page.  The feature was a surprise as it was unsolicited. I have also set up a Facebook page and Instagram account. Do click on my Facebook and Instagram button and like. There should also be a ‘subscribe box’ to the right for you to key in your email to get updates on my newest post.  Yes, that was a long time coming.

Thank you for your support and patience!