On some cream, sits some comparatively healthy ingredients: red wine soaked prunes, dried figs, toasted almonds and freeze-dried apricots (scroll down to  ‘Tips’ to find out more about freeze-dried fruits). It’s a lovely contrast of flavours, sweetness and textures.


I had not prepared any dessert for my dinner party for 12. The 7-course dinner I whipped up went down well with everyone but it had taken a large part of the day to prepare and now I had to think fast to come up with something sweet. Pantry and refrigerator drawers were pulled open and within 15 minutes, dessert was set out. This is an easy recipe especially as the only work that needs to be done apart from minimal slicing and assembling is to have let the prunes plumped up overnight in some nice wine or liquor. 
Any leftover juicy prunes can be kept refrigerated for a good few months and taken out to eat with ice cream, pancakes, on cereal…

My ‘Prunes Nicely Plumped Up In Alcohol’ recipe was posted in April. I had soaked dried prunes in 11 different alcohol (wines and liquors). The best testing prunes were made with a dry red wine and yuzu liquor. Click here for the recipe and to find out how the various alcohol-soaked prunes ranked. From those that turned out beautifully to those that were pretty bad.



Prep: 15 minutes
Inactive: Soak prunes overnight
Level: Easy
Serves:  1
Oven Temperature:
Can recipe be doubled? Yes
Make ahead? Prep almost everything a day ahead.


2 alcohol soaked prunes (recipe, click here)
1/2 dried fig
1 Tablespoon freeze-dried fruit*
1/2 Tablespoon almonds**
2 Tablespoons cream***
There are lots more flavour to choose from nowadays -apricot, peach, strawberries, raspberries, lychees, blueberries. I buy mine from a specialty store but it is available in better stocked supermarket and online store iherb.com (use code ULE872 to get 10% discount) which does free delivery worldwide on a minimum order. Read more about freeze-dried fruits in my ‘Tips’ section below.
** Pistachios, walnuts, pine nuts … all good substitutes.
***Whipping or light cream will do.   


Prep ingredients
1. Cut the freeze-dried fruit into little shards if they are too large. Cut them just before using as the humidity will ruin the crunchy texture fairly quickly.
2. Slice the dried fig into long thin slices.
3. Toast the almonds (or whatever nut(s) you are using) first to get that lovely nuttiness. Cool and cut them up roughly lengthwise.

Plate individually 
1. Have individual plates ready.
2. Spoon a thin layer of cream to cover bottom of plate.
3. Centre the 2 prunes.
4. Arrange sliced figs around it.
5. Scatter the nuts.
6. Drizzle the liquid from the alcohol-soaked prunes over the plate.
7. Finally, scatter the freeze-dried fruit just before serving so that it retains it crunchy texture.


(1) What are freeze-dried fruit?
Freeze-dried is the process of extracting moisture out from food at sub-zero temperatures. This method of preservation locks in nutrition whilst keeping in flavour and results in crisp textured food, just like crisps without the oil! No preservatives, oil, etcetera is added. Besides fruits, vegetables such as corn can be freeze dried as well. I prefer freeze-dried fruits as it turns out sweet, tart and crisp at the same time.

(2) Other ways to use freeze-dried fruit
Use to top on anything that needs a good sweet, tart, crunch. For instance, your breakfast cereal, cheese cake, ice cream, … or just eat it in place of potato chips.