Dates pair really well with creamy mozzarella that has been dressed with extra virgin olive oil and basil which is then wrapped up in salty prosciutto. I love them! These are going to be served at my year end festive parties. They involve no cooking and I can easily have one of my guests skewer them up while I busy myself preparing something else or I could take wine glass to hand and mingle with my guests and try to look completely unfrazzled as I do so! 

Prosciutto, Mozzarella And Dates Skewers

Prep: 30 minutes 
Level: Easy
Makes: ~10 – 12 
Oven Temperature:
Can recipe be doubled? Yes
Make ahead? Marinate bocconcini/mozzarella a few hours before and keep refrigerated.


1 packet of bocconcini (small mozzarella balls)(1 packet is ~(7.7 oz)(220g))
1 – 2 balls of mozzarella (1 packet with 1 ball is ~(4.4 oz)(125g))
~ 10 – 12 whole dates
1 packet prosciutto (~6.3 oz)(~180g)
~10 -12 basil leaves
~10 – 12 cherry tomatoes
~1 lemon
~3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
~2 Tablespoons good quality balsamic vinegar
Salt & pepper


1. How many of these little parcel bites you can make depends on how much prosciutto you use to wrap each food parcel up. That’s why I am estimating that you can get ~ 10 – 12 with 1 bag of 6.3 oz (~180g) prosciutto. I slice each prosciutto equally into 2, breadthwise, and that is often long enough to wrap one parcel of bite up.
2. Split the dates open but do not slice through. Remove and discard the seeds. Set aside.
3. Tear the bocconcini into 2. Don’t use a knife to split them.  If you do, then it will look as if there is an egg sitting on the date instead of creamy bocconcini.
4. If you are using mozzarella, tear them into sizes that will sit on top of the open date.
5. Julienne 1 or 2 leaves of basil, add to the bocconcini/mozzarella, zest the lemon rind over it, squeeze ~1 Tablespoon of lemon juice,  drizzle ~2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, add salt and pepper. Adjust seasoning to suit your taste. Might be refrigerated for a few hours at this point.

1. Drain the marinade off the bocconcini. Strain the marinade and reserve.
2. If the cherry tomatoes are too large, slice in 2 lengthwise or you will find it difficult to pop the food in your mouth.
3. Cut 1 slice of prosciutto breadthwise into 2.
4. Set the date on it and nestle bocconcini.
5. Bring the 2 ends of the prosciutto together to wrap close.
6. Place a leaf of basil and then a cherry tomato on top of leave. Secure with a cocktail stick.
7. Repeat until all prosciutto is used up.
8. If you have any leftover cheese, please scroll down to ‘Tips’ for suggestions to serve the extra cheese.

To serve

1. Taste the strained reserved marinade. You will use this to drizzle over each food skewers so adjust seasoning. More extra virgin olive oil, lemon, basil, salt or pepper? Set aside.
2. On your empty serving vessel, drizzle extra virgin olive oil and the balsamic vinegar. If your balsamic vinegar is too sharp tasting, tone it done with some sugar before drizzling. Sprinkle pepper over the serving vessel.
3. Place the food skewers on the serving vessel and drizzle over each food skewer, the strained marinade dressing that you had reserved.
4. Serve immediately.


What to do with any extra marinated bocconcini or mozzarella?

Adjust seasoning on them if necessary. More basil, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper?  Then:

(1) Skewered with cherry tomatoes and serve.
(2) Place a slice of bocconcini over same-sized bread slices. Drizzle over a bit more extra virgin olive and julienned basil and serve.
(3) Simply skewer them and serve in a little dish.
(4) Chef privilege, eat them all up yourself!