This holiday, my colour scheme runs along the gold and glittery. So I wanted a lovely drink that would mimic that golden hue. This is a nonalcoholic drink for my teetotaller guests. It taste unique and is definitely pleasant to sip – you probably have never had a similar drink served to you. My taste testers have given it the thumbs up so I am confident my holiday guests are going to enjoy it too.

Tumeric, like ginger, is a rhizome. They might be from the same family but taste wise they are considerably different. When added to food like soups, curries and dals (I’m referring to the Indian style of cooking lentils) it turns it a lovely yellow. Add too much of it and the tumeric will overpower the dish and taste unpalatable and bitter. Add just the right amount and the dish will taste perfect. To give you an idea of how strong tasting tumeric can be, should I be cooking a curry with fresh ginger and tumeric, I would use it in a ratio of 4:1. Don’t try tasting it raw please, you will regret it and use gloves when handling tumeric, it stains!  Do remember to add the slices of lime. This drink needs it.

Be adventurous this festive season and try making this drink. It’s probably the only way you will ever get to find out how it taste anyway. 

Golden Yellow Tumeric And Lime Soda

Prep: 15 minutes 
Level: Easy
Makes: ~ 1/2 cup of syrup
Oven Temperature:
Can recipe be doubled? Yes.
Make ahead? Refrigerate for up to 1 week.


1/2 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
1.76 oz (50g) fresh tumeric to get ~1/4 grated tumeric
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 limes
~ 1 quart/litre Sweet soda to top up*
* For instance, 7-up, Sprite. Do not use ginger ale/ginger beer. It mask the taste of the tumeric and I thought the combination tasted pretty awful.



1. Tumeric stains everything! Your fingers and kitchen equipment. I mean everything! Wear gloves. Disposables are best. Stains can be removed with plenty of hot water and dish washing detergent. If that fails, a stronger kitchen countertop cleaner should do. Wear an apron as it will permanently stain clothing. If you are precious with your wooden cutting board, don’t set tumeric on it. Stains. Better to sit tumeric on a sheet of plastic wrap.
2. To minimise staining and clean up, here’s what you do.  Line your work area with plastic wrap. Also line the bowl where you will be grating tumeric directly into.
3. Clean tumeric well. Then, over your lined work area, scrape off the outside skins with a knife or a spoon. Grate the tumeric directly into lined bowl. Set aside.
4. Boil sugar in water until sugar melts.
5. Then, add in the tumeric and let it boil/simmer away for 2 minutes. Add the salt, remove from burner and set aside for 10 minutes. The reason why you do not boil tumeric with sugar and water is because the tumeric will taste too strong and it gets bitter the longer you boil it.
6. Whilst syrup is still hot, strain into a clean jar. If you strain it when it has cooled, the syrup would have thickened and it would have soaked into the grated tumeric, making squeezing syrup out of the grated tumeric a bit more difficult.
7. Keep refrigerated until it is chilled before using.

To serve
1. Slice limes thinly. Keep them under plastic wrap to avoid drying out.
2. I use 1 cup sized (8.45fl oz)(250ml) glass cups.
3. Fill bottom of glass cup with ~ 4 – 5 lime slices.
4. Top up glass cup with ice.
5. Add 1 Tablespoon of tumeric syrup to glass cup. You can always add more later if you want a stronger taste. Too much and the tumeric flavour will overpower.
6. Top with sweet soda. Muddle the lime slices. Serve immediately.


How to minimise tumeric staining your fingers, work surface, kitchen utensils, etcetera.
I mentioned this under ‘Method’ but will give you the details here as well.

(1) Fresh tumeric will stain everything. Clothes, kitchen countertops, kitchen equipment. Stains are permanent on clothing and wood. So wear an apron and keep your wooden cutting board away.
(2) Wear gloves. Disposable ones are best. Wear an apron.
(3) Line the area where you will be working with plastic wrap.
(4) Line the bowl where you will be grating tumeric directly into with plastic wrap.
(5) To clean off any stains, wash with hot water and dish washing detergent. If that fails, use a kitchen countertop cleaner. If that still doesn’t remove stain, as long as it is not on clothing or wood, stains will come off after a few washing. So you might have some items that are a little yellow for a while but they are still safe to use.