I love these! They are super, super simple to put on table -less than 5 minutes. I guarantee!

Better still, they are easier to eat. Just grab a slightly salted, freshly fried blistered pepper and pop the whole thing in mouth. Are they chilli hot? Not Shishito Peppers. These Japanese peppers are thin-fleshed (thus, making it so easy to eat), with a pronounced green pepper taste and the odds of biting into a chilli hot one? My family and I have gone through many trays of Shishito peppers and hot ones were encountered all of twice. So there. I often serve Shishito peppers with drinks, as an appetiser, as part of a meze, as a side dish in a Japanese rice-based meal or as one of the vegetables when we have teppanyaki at home.

The next time you see them in the Japanese fresh produce section, and they look fresh and perky, grab them!  You have to try them!

Super Quick Flash Fried Shishito Peppers

Prep: 1 minute
Cook: ~ 1 – 2 minutes
Level: Super easy
Serves: ~ 2 persons
Oven Temperature:
Can recipe be doubled? Yes
Make ahead? No


20 Japanese Shishito peppers*
Just enough oil to coat frying pan
Salt to taste
* Japanese fresh produce section of supermarkets might stock them. They are finger-length and are thin-fleshed with a lovely pronounced taste of green peppers. Rare to bite into a chilli hot one but it does happen. To substitute, please scroll down to ‘Tips’.


1. Wash the peppers and pat them completely dry. Choose to either leave or remove stalks.
2. Over, high heat, heat up a frying pan with enough oil to coat the bottom until it is smoking hot. This happens really fast so don’t move away.
3. Once smoking, toss in all the peppers.
4. Quickly move the frying pan with hand with one hand. With a frying slice in your other hand, move the peppers around. Within less than 30 seconds, the peppers would have blistered and the skins would look wrinkled (refer to feature image).
5. Turn off the heat. Sprinkle with salt to taste. Toss once and transfer immediately onto serving plate. Do not second guess and cook peppers any longer.


No Shishito Peppers?
Try the same cooking method with finger-sized bell peppers
Link here Flash Fried Mini Bell Pepper