I seem to have a constant supply of over ripe bananas in the house. Some would be sitting on the kitchen counter, even more would be lurking at the back of a freezer drawer. I should have a repertoire of banana recipes by now but oddly I don’t. The main reason is that there is only one person in the entire household that likes bananas baked into a cake. Everyone else much prefer eating bananas straight out from its peel. So I have but 2 banana cake recipes and the family member seems to never tire of eating either one.

One recipe is my Coconut Banana Cupcake. It usually encases a ball of hazelnut chocolate (Ferrero Rocher). In the image below, I replaced those with Valrhona’s Guanaja 70% cocoa disks as they were baked for someone with a nut allergy.

Both produces light cakes that banana cake lovers enjoy. If you like banana cakes, try baking this one with orange flavours for a change. I believe you will like it.

Orange Banana Cake

Prep: 25 minutes 
Cook: ~ 45 minutes
Level: Easy
Makes: ~ 7″ (18cm) cake
Oven Temperature: 320F (160C) oven rack adjusted to lower middle shelf
Can recipe be doubled?
Make ahead? Taste just as good the next day. 


1 cup = 250ml =8.45 US fl oz

Wet ingredients
5.71 oz (162g)(~1/2 cup)(~1 and 1/2) mashed ripe bananas
4.58 oz (130g)(~1/2 cup)(2) eggs (weight without shells)
4.58 oz (130g)(~1/2 cup +1 Tablespoon) caster sugar
1.05 oz (30g) (~1 Tablespoon) marmalade
1 teaspoon orange blossom water OR 1/2 teaspoon orange zest
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup (60ml) neutral tasting oil

Dry ingredients
4.76 oz (135g) all-purpose/plain flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
~1 Tablespoon sliced almonds


– All ingredients should be at room temperature
– Turn on the oven, oven rack lower middle shelf

Prep the cake tin
1. Line a 7″ (7.5cm) cake tin with baking paper (base and sides). To help baking paper adhere to the cake tin, dot with oil to hold in place.

Dry ingredients
 1. Sift all the dry ingredients EXCEPT THE ALMONDS. Set aside.

Wet ingredients
1. It is best to use a standing mixer as the wet ingredients will be mixed for ~ 10 minutes and will rise substantially in volume.
2. Place all the ingredients listed under ‘Wet ingredients EXCEPT THE OIL in the mixer bowl. Attach the whisk attachment.
3. Turn on machine to maximum speed and mix for ~10 minutes or until you have a fairly thick batter (it won’t be too thick). When you lift up the beaters, the batter will leave a loose ribbon trail. Don’t despair it will get there.

Fold in the flour and oil
1. Remove mixer bowl from the standing mixer. Using a ballon whisk or detach the whisk off your standing mixer and whisk in 1/2 of the sifted ingredients. Do not over mix, it should take ~ 5 seconds. Follow through with the next 1/2 of sifted ingredients.
2. Switch to a spatula. Add all the oil and fold in until fully incorporated. No trace of oil. Remember to dig deep into the bottom of the mixer bowl.

Let’s bake
1. Transfer batter into prepared cake tin and bake ~45 minutes or until a skewer inserted in comes out clean.
2. ~10 – 15 minutes before cake is ready to come out from the oven. Scatter the slice almonds over the cake. Be quick and gentle so that cake does not deflate.
3. Cool on cooling rack. Once completely cooled, remove from cake tin.


Should you use frozen bananas, thawed to room temperature to bake cakes?

I would not. Only because I have tried the same recipe using both frozen and fresh ripe bananas. Frozen bananas tend to be more liquid after thawing. It’s very different from the consistency of fresh mashed bananas.  Cakes baked with frozen bananas will not bake as high and will be more dense. I would leave those frozen bananas for use in smoothies or banana pancakes.